Understanding Loneliness

       Loneliness is often described as a sadness resulting from isolation or lack of companionship. Yet, isn’t it interesting that many people feel lonely even when they are not alone? That’s because the feeling of isolation often comes from something other than the absence of people.

       Although loneliness can be brought on by lack of community, more often, lonelinessLonely is a state of mind. Loneliness occurs when a person feels there is no one in their life who is truly like minded with whom they are able to connect. This is the deeper issue of the heart for a lonely person. 

       Because true heart connections can remain so elusive, even when surrounded by community, lonely people often seek to fill this void with vain comforts. Sadly, these vain comforts often leave the heart feeling twice as empty and twice as isolated. 

       These temporary comforts can be anything from TV, social media binging, workaholism, over eating eating to more harmful behaviors such as drug and alcohol use, or unhealthy physical encounters. This is the nature of the human spirit: When there is a demand (the gap of loneliness) we seek to supply it–often with a substitute companionship that offers temporary comfort.

       In the Christian community, in a very similar way we are often compelled to satisfy this loneliness with pious activities. We come and go in moral efforts and never really make true connections that include openness and transparency. Filling our plates with religious services will not reach the recesses of loneliness. Even though some of these things are good–pursuit of these things will often propel us even further into discouragement and isolation if we haven’t dealt first with the root cause of loneliness. 

       Seeing the lonely state of the heart as a blessing in disguise can help. Loneliness may be the divine opportunity God allows to draw us into a deeper level with Himself and genuine connections to others. Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking help us discover a kingdom reality brimming with community and likeminded fellowship. 

74153141_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_7757254Joy and peace come from learning to walk in the design God has for our thinking. Every day we battle with old thought patterns and emotions that hold us captive. Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking leads us step by step; taking us deep into truths that set us free to live into a new narrative, one of confidence and purpose—the story we were meant to live. 

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