Understanding Inferiority

Inferiority, feeling that one is of a lower degree, rank, value, or merit than others. Many people struggle with this crippling emotion which can manifest itself in a myriad of ways. One way is in the inability to speak up because the person struggling with inferiority feels that their input is not valuable enough to voice. They may also downplay special occasions in their life thinking that a celebration would not be of interest to anybody else. They often worry that they are an inconvenience to people, therefore they are quick to put themselves last or take themselves out of the equation all together. They frequently puts themselves down before others have opportunity. They live life feeling undeserving because they sincerely believes they are inferior.

Inferiority hinders their judgment and they are unable to make sound choices FeelingInferior-because their foundation is faulty. A simplified example would go something like this: If a person’s shoe size is 6, but they feel certain their feet are a size 8, they will struggle with walking in larger shoes that flop on and off their feet. Their foundation is faulty.

Inferiority can affect many choices a person makes throughout their life. The people they chooses to date may be bad for them. The job they takes might be in an unhealthy environment. The friends they choose might have a negative influences in their life. The person struggling with inferiority will think (based on their faulty foundation) that these decisions are right, only to have them proven wrong or unwise.

Inferiority also has a powerful influence on the people around them. Unfortunately, most people will treat them according to their manifestations of inferiority simply because we live in a superficial world that responds to the power of suggestion. For instance, if the person is intelligent yet feels stupid, they may project the latter, and others will treat them the way they feel.

The truth is that none of their feelings have any basis in spiritual reality. Yet, they are still bound by them until the value they place on the world’s opinion becomes less. The only hope for their struggle is to become intimately acquainted with God’s value system–and then learn to embrace it–regardless of how they feel.

Intimacy with Christ is the key to healing. Christian’s who struggle with inferiority may have head knowledge of how much God values people, but never believe it is true of them.

​       If you are a person who struggles with inferiority we invite you to join us as we work together in reshaping and reprogramming the value Christ places on us. Faith-Based-Emotional-Sobriety

74153141_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_7757254Joy and peace come from learning to walk in the design God has for our thinking. It is our inheritance, even now! Every day we battle with old thought patterns and emotions that hold us captive. Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking leads us step by step; taking us deep into truths that set us free to live into a new narrative, one of confidence and purpose—the story we were meant to live. 

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