Obsession In Relationship

Obsession, according to the dictionary is a compulsive fixation with an idea causing excessive preoccupation. A person can tell if they struggle with obsession in the area of relationship simply by taking inventory of their thought life. If they observe that their mind continues to be fixed on a desired person, then obsession might be the problem. They may mistake this feeling for love, but it is not. 

Desperation is the word that may best describe this feeling of being preoccupied with someone who either is not as interested, or is not a healthy person to be in a relationship with. It is gripping and overwhelming to say the very least. It can pervade almost every hour of a person’s day. It can hold them prisoner and convince them that life without this person would be miserable. They feel almost certain they will never feel this way again.

Does this sound uncomfortably familiar? You might be surprised to know that millions of people struggle with this condition of the heart. If you are a Christian you might wonder how this can happen.

Interestingly, there are many reasons that this condition of the heart can develop and even flourish in the heart of a Christian. One may be the imposition of “faith” to be with the person we so strongly desire. We believe that if we pray hard enough or exercise enough faith it will happen. Our minds are often drawn to verses or signs we attribute to this desire, which fuels it even further. We want the relationship so desperately that we erroneously see our efforts as faith driven, rather than the obsessive nature it really is.

If you are a person who identifies with this struggle we invite you to join us in understanding what true and healthy love looks like. 

It’s easy to forget this amidst bouts of insecurity and feelings of unworthiness. Many people simply cannot believe that they are valuable, even to God, especially if they think they have let God down in the area of relationship. So, they resign themselves to pursue the wrong person regardless of rejection, giving in to the misery that accompanies this state of mind. 

God may have even brought this to your attention for this very purpose. Perhaps, it’s time to do the hard, but beneficial work of mental and emotional re-wiring in this area. Faith-Based-Emotional Sobriety

Stuck In A Toxic Relationship

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