Journey Support encourages the formation of small support groups within the Christian community. The purpose of these support systems is to provide ongoing accountability and encouragement in the area healthy thinking and emotions (See Faith-Based Emotional Sobriety) Journey Support is inspired by the book Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking and focuses on Philippians 4:8 “Think on these things…” Since brokenness is a part of the world we live in it naturally influences our minds and world views, and subsequently our emotions. That is, until God opens our eyes to the truth that He has more for our thinking than what our past circumstances or current trials may dictate. Healthy spiritual thinking takes time and effort to cultivate; it is not automatic. Understanding our emotions is part of the process. That’s where Journey Support comes in, we get to actively participate in encouraging one another on the path of whole and healthy spiritual thinking. Making solid connections with others who desire to to navigate well through difficult emotions is what Journey Support is about. We are a faith-based on-going support community that come together in authenticity and transparency, encouraging one another in new and healthy ways of thinking found in the Scripture. Journey Support is a companion (not replacement) of counseling and bible study.

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