Overcoming Depression

As its name implies, depression, is the state of being depressed. When something is “de-pressed” it is literally “pressed down” to a low point. To illustrate this principle, consider an object that is pressed down in the center. A low point is created which is considered a “depression” in the object. 

When contemplating a human being, a healthy functioning human spirit is balanced and even. But when it is pressed down, a lower point in the spirit is created, producing a “depression” in the spirit–sometimes referred to as being low in spirits. 

A person who is depressed has lowered vitality or functioning activity. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness accompany this condition to varying degrees. The causes of depression are widespread, often making a specific triggers difficult to pinpoint.

Globally over 300 million people suffer from clinical depression. Typical symptoms of depression are sleep problems (either insomnia or excessive sleep), loss of appetite or overeating, and difficulties in thinking and concentration. It is not uncommon for a depressed person to struggle with suicidal thoughts. They may feel like they just can’t go on.

Many people who are depressed isolate themselves and do not want to interact socially. Friends and family of depressed persons may plead for them to get out among people–but to little avail.

In Matthew 5:3, Jesus talks about the “poor in spirit” being a blessed position even though it doesn’t feel like it. When we are depleted or depressed in spirit we have the unique opportunity for the wealth of Christ’s Spirit to encompass our hearts. Like air breathed into our lungs, God’s Spirit longs to be the breath of new hope and perspective. One step at a time Jesus wants His life giving Words to inflate these depressed areas of out thinking.

Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking helps us discover the wealth God has for the poverty stricken heart of depression.

Joy and peace come from learning to walk in the design God has for our thinking. Every day we battle with old thought patterns and emotions that hold us captive. Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking leads us step by step; taking us deep into truths that set us free to live into a new narrative, one of confidence and purpose—the story we were meant to live.

Book Reviews:

“A must read for the Christian walk in this world.  I went back many times to read it again not wanting to miss a word.” 
-Helen Bigg

“I wanted to ingest every word. I am giving this book 5 stars, and would give it six if I could.” 
-B Koehn