Steadiness In An Unsteady World

If there is one thing that is consistent about humans it is that we are inconsistent. Because our emotions continually go up and down, we feel unsteady.

Add to this the uncertainty of our times, disorienting political climate, disease, and social chaos. Even the religious culture is splintering into factions (so many church wounded). No wonder we feel unsettled.

Thankfully, we have a harbor beyond the brokenness of life that is rock solid. Lifting our minds to this reality helps to steady our hearts.

Think about this:

Although our emotions may go up and down – God does not go up and down. He is perfect in His perspective at all times. He does not wake up in a bad mood towards us one day, and good the next. He is constant and ever consistent, unlike us. What reassurance to realize that although our feelings may change about God – His feelings never change about us.

God is immutable. Humans are forever changing. It is a fact of nature for better or worse. God, however, never changes. He is perfectly holy and never differs from this immutable state. There are no degrees or shadows of turning in His being. Every act of God stems from this perfect and perpetual nature. Human life will change and come to an end, but even this will not alter God’s never changing position. His purposes will continue forever unchanged. If one day we are secure and the next we worry that our Salvation is unsure – it does not change God’s promise that stands true, “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.” (Ephesians 1:4)

God is also infinite, unlike us. We are fragile creations, and everything about us is limited by our thinking, by our doing, and in our being. God, however, is without limitation. His ways are boundless and immeasurable. God’s capacity does not end. To say God’s love is as wide as the ocean still conveys limits; therefore we can only cry out “God’s love is unfathomable.”

Although we may find unrest in ourselves due to fluctuating circumstances, we can rest securely in God. Such a marvel to consider that for my ever changing emotions and perspectives – God never changes!

Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking takes us on a transforming journey of emotional healing. The fact that God has a plan for our minds (and not just for our souls) is critical to our well-being. He has a harbor specifically designated for our thinking. Beyond insecurity, inferiority, inadequacy, anxiety, discouragement, hopelessness, depression, and loneliness, lies Philippians 4:8–the most beautiful of destinations.