Faith-Based Emotional Sobriety

Faith-based Emotional Sobriety is a faith-based approach to understanding of the influence emotions can have on our thinking, and subsequently, our lives. 

Journey Support draws from the book Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking. 

Faith-based Emotional Sobriety does not mean suppressing or denying emotions. It does mean, however, learning to steward them well. For instance, not granting our emotions liberty or authority to create destructive space in our minds. With God’s help our emotions (chaotic or otherwise) can help us, not only to understand ourselves better, but learn how to make informed, healthy responses and life-choices. The outline below is a preview of Faith-Based-Sobriety’s topics of online discussions. CONTACT US for more information.

 17 Topics For FBES:

1. Understanding the weight of emotions in our thinking
2. Exploring weights from our past 
3. The role of spiritual senses on emotions 
4.Emotional perspective
5. A kingdom mindset and emotions
6. The role of hearing in our emotions
7. The importance of listening to emotional health
8. Navigating disorientating emotions
9. Trusting God with the things we don’t understand
10. Emotional tidepools
11. Power of Emotions and the power of the Holy Spirit
12. Emotional poverty
13. The emotional investment of an other-world view
14. Recognizing the difference between what we think and what we feel
15. Happy thoughts versus blessed thoughts
16. Overcoming feelings of rejection
17. Good versus better